Hi, I'm Nikolas.

I'm a PhD candidate at the Vienna University for Economics and Business. My research interests lie in applied econometrics, environmental economics, and development economics.

I will be visiting the University of California, Berkeley from September until December. You can check out my CV , contact me via or phone , or find out more about my research , software , and teaching below.

Research and publications

I'm interested in practical econometric methods for investigating spillover effects, networks, and uncertainties, as well as issues related to deforestation and development. My ongoing work includes ...

Journal articles

Other publications


I'm passionate about free and open source software, and have written packages for Bayesian modelling, efficient computation, and data handling in R.


I have taught courses at the Master's and Bachelor's level at WU, served as a teaching assistant at CEU, and organised two reading groups with various guests at WU.

Reading group

I organised and headed two reading groups at WU. The goal was for participants to discuss a range of economics- and research-related issues amongst themselves, and with experienced guests.